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The Future of Digital Ownership Is Here

LGND Music was created by blockchain and music industry veterans who saw a need for evolution and change that could benefit both artists and fans equally.

The fans needed something simple to use that would allow them to collect, own and trade music again while also feeling closer to their favorite artists. Artists needed an outlet where they can get traction, engage with their community directly, and royalty payments are transparent, and most importantly, fair.

We started small. We talked to artists, we talked to fans. We tested. We adjusted. We even started over at one point. We watched what was happening around us and how we could make a better product, and soon, LGND Music was born.

LGND Music is driving the Web3 music economy while enabling and enhancing in-real-life and metaverse experiences. LGND Music digital collectibles, or Virtual Vinyl, is the evolution that adds value and utility to the music industry that wasn’t possible until now. It's collectible hi-res audio that goes anywhere.

LGND Virtual Vinyl technology allows for actual music ownership that fans can buy, sell, trade, and collect 24/7. Virtual Vinyl can also be used for live ticketing, platform rewards, and giving exclusive up-close-and-personal access to the most dedicated fans.

This is just the beginning – we've got big plans to bring you revolutionary content with your favorite artists and introduce you to new music that will be heavy in your rotation.

Welcome to the future.

LGND. Live For Music.

Copyright 2023 LGND Music. All rights reserved.

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