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What is LGND Music?

LGND Music is a true ownership ecosystem where music is at the core of all we do.  Secured by blockchain technology and supported by a vibrant and engaging community, LGND Music brings you a consistent digital collectible line-up of the newest and best music from your favorite artists in all genres as well as rare and special collectibles to compliment your collection.  We’re adding content constantly; including those amazing musicians yet to be discovered.  They are all waiting for you to jump into the world’s most liquid digital collectible ecosystem. 


LGND Music opens up an entirely refreshed ecosystem when it comes to how music is consumed.   The best part is that you own what you buy.  It’s not a stream, it’s not a leased or borrowed version.  It’s yours.   We’re purpose-built on the Polygon blockchain so you can connect your NFT music wherever and however you want.  Bring your music into the Metaverse.  Sell it on OpenSea.   We’re also the only music NFT platform that’s blockchain agnostic.  That means we not only service the Polygon ecosystem but Ethereum and WAX users as well.  LGND Music will also never force you to connect a cryptocurrency wallet and will keep all your assets safe in your collection.  If you want to move your asset or connect to the secondary markets, you’ll be asked to connect a wallet.   The LGND Music ownership ecosystem empowers you to listen, trade and collect your music in a global system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without needing anyone’s permission.


A Virtual Vinyl is a Hi-Res Audio blockchain-secured collectible that comes as Singles, EPs, and Albums. Virtual Vinyl can be bought, sold, and verified on an open immutable global network and can also be companioned with a limited-edition physical Vinyl. In other words at LGND, our music digital collectibles are called Virtual Vinyl.

NFT stands for "non-fungible token”. NFTs are built off of blockchains like Polygon, Ethereum or WAX. Each NFT is one-of-a-kind and has technology, or a Smart Contract, built-in to prove that you are the sole owner of that specific unit. NFTs are like a digital certificate of authenticity, like a fingerprint.


We use cryptocurrency in a way to make sure collectors can prove they are the owners of the digital collectibles we sell. Blockchain helps prove ownership through something called a ledger which is kind of like a giant “book of accounting” that everyone is part of. It’s all public, and makes sure no one can bootleg your collection to make money off of it. Blockchain gives the power to artists and security to fans and collectors.


We use a chain called Polygon which is one of the most eco-friendly blockchains around because it utilizes a Proof-Of-Stake model.  We’re just trying to do our part to help save the planet and make sure we still have sea turtles in the oceans in 10 years. So, let us explain what NFTs actually do to the world as far as pollution is concerned. When an NFT is minted on a 1st generation blockchain that requires “proof of work” to validate transactions on the network, it is estimated to take the equivalent electricity that powers a US household for over 4.5 days to mint just one NFT. So, instead of using old tech to mint our NFT’s we use a “proof of stake” protocol which is more than 2 million times more energy efficient.


Drops will generally happen on Thursdays, however we’ve got tons of special content coming your way that can happen at any time: daily, weekly, monthly, rain, or shine! Just watch our social channels for all the updates so you don't miss out on any collections coming your way.


The process of creating a digital collectible, a lot like minting money or coins.

If I purchased an Virtual Vinyl from LGND MUSIC, does that mean I own the intellectual property (IP)?

This is a common misconception so let’s squash this one fast. Owning an NFT does NOT give you the underlying copyright of the media file. This means that you can enjoy these images, audio or video files for yourself, but you cannot commercially exploit them unless the file contains permissions from the artist or IP rights holder.

I do not live in the United States. Can I still sign-up and purchase NFTs?

LGND MUSIC is available in most countries and regions, with some specific exceptions. Please see our Terms of Service for all excluded countries or regions in which LGND MUSIC is not available.

Can I return a digital collectible after I purchase it?

Sorry but, all sales are FINAL since Virtual Vinyl are personalized digital goods. You can, however, post your Virtual Vinyl for resale on the Marketplaces like OpenSea.


Please reach out to us through our support ticket system by sending us an email at or or  you can also message us on Discord or Twitter. Just give us the NFT item number and the last 4 digits of your card used or wallet address.

How can I contact LGND MUSIC?

Contact our Support team directly at and you can also DM us on these platforms:

Interested in dropping your music on LGND Music or YoshiDrops?  Read below for more information on how you can maximize your content and revenue!

How do I become a LGND Music musician?

Ready to become a LGND in the Virtual Vinyl community? We start all independent musicians on our LGND Indie channel, which will allow you to discover your audience and also familiarize yourself with the NFT process.  Before we can get you going though, we need to get a bit more information about you.  Fill out this form here and one of our team members will hit you back within 48-72 hours.  You can also email us at to receive the form link directly.

I’m a well-established musician with a label contract, can I still drop on LGND Music?

LGND Music prides ourselves on making sure all the music we have on our platform is appropriately licensed and with transparent and accurate royalty distribution between the artist, publishers, label, producers and anyone else that had a hand in creating the music.  If you’re under a current contract, we’d love to drop with you but also need to make sure your label is involved.  Do you own your own masters?  We love that too, but before you can drop with us, we’ll need to verify any additional credits that need to be paid out.  Reach out to us at and let’s get this party started.

Why not just sell my music on Web2?  What value does LGND Music offer the Artists and Fans that they can’t get anywhere else?

For years, musicians have been given the shaft by the industry with terrible deals and shady contracts. At LGND MUSIC, we make everything easy, transparent and secure.  In short, the percentages are in your favor, and we handle most of the work so you can focus on the music.  You come to us with the music and your artwork and all the technical stuff is done for you.

For the fans, LGND Music presents a true economy of ownership where they can support you as an artist determined to build a legacy.  The fans can listen, collect, and sell anything they want while also play music through the LGND Music app.  It’s a full service platform that allows them to directly and transparently support their favorites, while also discovering new talent from around the world.

If I sell my music using LGND MUSIC, can I sell the same creations elsewhere?

You own the rights to your art and music. This means you can start another collection anywhere else with that same music. However, once you mint a collection with us, it’s best you try to make your next collection vastly different so you don’t upset your collectors and fans.  Think of it like giving your fans a rare baseball card, they aren’t going to want to see that same card available somewhere else.

What are the fees associated with me dropping on  LGND MUSIC?

There are no fees for you to drop on LGND.  Once you’re admitted to the platform, you’ll need to sign an Artist Agreement that outlines the splits and also the expectations for the drop.  You’ll also need to submit your payment details to us.  We can remit payments in Fiat or Cryptocurrency.   If you have additional questions, you can contact us at: 

LGND Music - Collect. Earn. Empower.

Live for music.

Copyright 2023 LGND Music. All rights reserved.

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